Reiki Remote Healing

Receive Reiki energy Wherever, Whenever


Remote healing, or called distance healing, can be just as effective as an in-person Reiki session.

To receive Reiki distance healing you don’t have to do anything particular, but it is best to lie down quietly while you remain as still as possible.  Relaxing in a comfortable position will help you be most receptive.

For people, pets, projects, place, past, and future events.


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Reiki does not cure the “illness” of the sick person.

It is the preparation and balancing of the body’s energy that supports healing.  Reiki is not a substitute for any medical treatment.  It can be considered to be a supplemental treatment that fosters the body’s natural healing properties.

You should always seek the advice and treatment of a qualified, licensed medical practitioner.  The information on this website does not constitute medical advice.  Reiki treatment may support healing and well-being but does not claim to cure any illness or condition.







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If you donate $20.00 or more, I'll reciprocate with Reiki remote healing as my gratitude for your support.
I hope this is a way to try a Reiki remote healing experience.
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