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  • Summer friendly – Ark Bag

    Summer friendly – Ark Bag
  • Sunshine sandals 

    Sunshine sandals 
  • Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

    Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette
  • Velvet chic

    Velvet chic
  • Irresistible sale

    Irresistible sale

Jerrybox Compact Mirror I like mirrors, I really do…  From huge and tall museum quality mirrors to very small compact on-the-go mirrors… I have liked them since I was a little girl. This 10x magnifying compact mirror (with a regular mirror on the other side) is my recent buy. It is an adorable size and very useful; it will definitely come…

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Ootd with a new jacket

    As NYC is luckily having some cooler days, I am happily wearing this new cargo jacket from Lou & Grey. I love the relaxed style and nice comfy materials. I became a follower of the website! This is simply a blog post sharing what I am liking a lot!!! 🙂   Jacket by Lou & Grey Wide pants by…
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Silky summer skin

I wasn’t a user of body powder until recently. But I had some itchiness with moisture on my neck by the summer heat and humidity. That’s why I researched for a solution and found this body powder from LUSH. After applying moisturizer or perspiring or anytime skin gets sticky, just put this powder on then it’s get dry and smooth…
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Beauty trial

Maybelline Fit me loose powder — It’s so good to use after concealer under eyes. I bought a lighter color than my skin tone for the brightening effect. Stila stick foundation — There is a concealer in the top of this case.  It’s so easy to use stick-type cosmetics. And travel-friendly as well. Smashbox Photo Finish primer — I’ve heard…
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Living in the Plaza Hotel

    I have seen Tommy Hilfiger a few times on 5th Ave. It’s his neighborhood that’s why… 🙂 He was wearing the uniform as he mentioned, so it was easy to recognize him. Simply sharing the glamorous penthouse in the Plaza Hotel, enjoy!
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