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  • Summer friendly – Ark Bag

    Summer friendly – Ark Bag
  • Sunshine sandals 

    Sunshine sandals 
  • Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

    Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette
  • Velvet chic

    Velvet chic
  • Irresistible sale

    Irresistible sale

Pixi Rose Flash Balm   I bought this a month ago because the description says ‘Designed for multi-use and suitable for all skin types, this three-in-one balm can be used as a makeup primer, nourishing mask, or as a daily moisturizer.” And it really does! I’ve had an itchy sensitive neck so I put this on, then I don’t get itchiness. Voila!…

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Gift for him – sweater

Cable sweater from Brooks Brothers, stripe cashmere sweater from Lord & Taylor    Choosing a gift for him is kind of difficult for me… If it’s a gift for someone close to me, I could ask them what they want.  But sometimes I want to be able to surprise them!  And sometimes we have to choose a gift for someone…
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Gift idea – Beauty masks

Patchology Flashpatch Eye Gels Gifts for her:  It’s always a good idea to give positive beauty products. Facial beauty masks are one idea; there are so many sheet masks, eye masks, clay masks, and more. This undereye mask “Patchology Flashpatch EyeGels” would be a great gift for her. They work well and it’s quick! My under eyes felt really hydrated and look smoother in just five minutes.…
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Beauty box & gift idea for her

I’m so late to post this Allure beauty box. It must be an October one. There is so much good stuff in the little box so it was hard to be skipped! The “BKR PARIS” water balm is really awesome to moisturize and make lips shine. It’s my favorite in this box! Since these beauty boxes by Allure are really good,…
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