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  • Summer friendly – Ark Bag

    Summer friendly – Ark Bag
  • Sunshine sandals 

    Sunshine sandals 
  • Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

    Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette
  • Velvet chic

    Velvet chic
  • Irresistible sale

    Irresistible sale

I received this Jo Malone gift box a while ago. As you see, the packaging is so pretty that I have hesitated to use them. Not only do they look cute, but the fragrances are also amazing! I should use them when I see cranky people near me — the fragrance will melt them. haha… Let the people around you…

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Play with a jacket

Go classic   This little metallic jacket can be playful.   Go casual   One of my favorite versatile colors is dark green. It’s smoothly merged with most colors as you see, so in love!   SHOP THE STYLE   Plus some sweetness with color and lace details.   Loving this ZARA jacket!    
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Leopard print is so friendly!

Source: Saint Laurent ‎Bow Tie Blouse In YSL Leopard Print Silk Chiffon ‎ |   The leopard print goes with most things easily… I am always amazed by my favorite MM6 boots. So beautiful!  
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Style cooler

SMYTHE Classic Blazer Source: Fashion   I’ve been enjoying styling with jackets very much. I don’t know why, but the jacket style feels so right to me recently… It never happened before. Well, life changes and so as to fashion!   *Style with a cool shirt or blouse or camisole or anything by following my intuition.  Yves Saint Laurent   *Finishing with a…
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Yves Saint Laurent mood

  Most people already own a trench coat, skinny black jeans and black boots. If you add a skinny scarf and black straw hat, it becomes YSL Spring 19 look! Here are affordable versions to be accessorized like Yves Saint Laurent. YSL  $295.00     ASOS  $13.00 now ( On Sale )    YSL  $795.00   Janessa Leone  $188.00  …
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