NARS Multiple

This is the thing that I want to talk about; and, show and share with you.



This is a genius, multi-use cosmetic by NARS. It can be used as a blush, eyeshadow, and for lips.

It really works as an eyeshadow primer, too. My eyeshadow colors stay all day long, seriously… and it made my hectic morning routine easier.

What I love most is it is not sticky at all and is kind of powdery smooth to put on. The texture is amazing!  There is a reason why it is loved by many…



My favorite color is G-spot.

Yes, they have interesting names as you know about NARS Cosmetics!

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Armwear supplement

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 4.47.46 PM

I must say this is brilliant. This is what I wanted to create myself for the supplemental stuff for dresses. I wonder how many women to give up wearing sleeveless dresses because of the upper arm consciousness…

So, we have to dig the sleeveless dresses out from the closet! Very well done, Marks &Spencer!!

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Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 4.48.23 PM

Light Control Floral Lace Armwear


Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 4.49.43 PM

…and White    by Marks &Spencer


Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.15.12 PM

Cami Maxi Dress

These dresses can be back to life with the armwear!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.38.43 PM

Lace Party Dress


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Beauty Box


Allure Beauty Box


Tarte Tartlet Mascara, Korres Pomegranate moisturizer, Rahua Organic Shampoo and Conditioner and more was in my first box. The moment of unboxing is always exciting!

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I had an interesting experience with CLE Melting lip powder in this box. It’s powder but it’s not powdery when I put it on my lips and it stays long… Actually, it is really fun stuff and can be used as a blush, too. I think it would be a good gift for a new sensation.

Also, I found KENRA Dry oil control spray works very good on my hair.



Kat VonD Lipstick has a nice feel on my lips, it’s very comfortable. The color selection was very good for both lipstick and lipliner. It like a beige pink, natural everyday color. And the OLEHENRIKSEN Walnut Scrub is the biggest hit in this box to me, it’s really good!

I am expecting my next July Allure Beauty Box is coming soon!  🙂


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White for Summer chic


This was a dinner date outfit for a lovely restaurant. It’s a soft material and relaxed fit jacket, so it looks good plus comfortable for yummy meals to enjoy.

Light color jackets are a must-have item for Summer casual chic outfits. And a cup of coffee or tea after dinner is also a must-have for me! 🙂

Blue Water Grill at Union Square in NYC



Nice to have white flowers at home in Summer for cooling and cleansing…


Coffee break at Nordstrom

Voila, The white jacket and coffee again! 🙂



White jacket and this pink camera bag are my go-to recently! Click the links for similar jackets and bags. I see much good stuff on sale now, enjoy your shopping, everyone!

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Ready for Farmers Market


It was a very sunny beautiful Saturday. There are some Farmers Markets open in NY. Since the weather was so nice, I decided to go shopping at one of them near me.

The sunglasses and shopping tote bag and walkable cute sandals are essential for Farmers Market shopping!

My I Miss NY tote bag has been with me for a while. I washed it a couple times and getting really “It’s mine” looks, I love that kind of well-loved stuff.

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Suede sandals by ZARA _ They are not only cute, also very comfy for long time wearing.




I Miss NY tote bags and cosmetic bag are available on


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Good hair day



The photos below you can click for more Milbon products!

They are all working for my coarse, fuzzy, wavy hair to tame it down. I’ve been trying products which calm my hair and it looks nicer than the original. 🙂

These Milbon products are from Japan and they have many selections depending on hair types. I can recommend many more, but this time I stick to these. They made my fuzzy, unmanageable hair to look like this in the photo below.

Of course, other tools like straight and curling iron are followed by the steps. Well, it sounds like high maintenance, but are entrenched habits to me after all these years.

And still mining for products that make my hair look really good!



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IMG_8153Flowers are always wonderful company for having a relaxed time at home. They make me feel happier and chill to stay in the present moment… ha~~


I am a big fan of Marks and Spencer dressing gowns. This one is especially super soft and beyond cozy _ I can’t get enough to snuggle with this… seriously! Their pajama quality is quite good, too. Click the link to check them!

The fuzzy slipper is from H&M, I put the link here for a similar one.


I love to enjoy my relax chilling time at home with the view from the window, yummy cup of tea and favorite loungewear. C’est la vie!



Kusumi Tea _ Taste fantastic and visually so pretty. It brings my tea time to another level!


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Rescue item


I found this belt when I was shopping at & Other Stories. I like the fabric and leather combined with a bit of Gucci vibe.

Whenever you get bored wearing the same items over time, a belt is a good quick rescue to revitalize your outfit. It’s a power booster by dress supplement. Today’s vitamin is a BELT!




This one is very pretty and playful in many ways. Check this link or photo for more colors and information.







I will wear this red dress soon with the belt. Actually, I see it in my head and already like the future OOTD!


Red dress from H&M


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Recent favorites


Tada~! Here is a great highlighter, MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Whisper of Gilt.

I’ve been waiting for the product to come back a long time because it was not at MAC store regularly… I was checking it every time when I stopped by MAC.

What it does is glow your skin perfectly, AMAZINGLY. I’ve been having compliments about my skin non-stop since I started to put this on my cheekbones.   Because it gives just the right natural glow. Not too subtle or too noticeable, just right!  I don’t use this word much, but in this case, I must say _ I am obsessed! 🙂

I am so so glad that it has finally come to me and hoping it is not a limited supply… Please~!!

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These slide sandals came from Target. When I saw them online, it was looking good and the color is lovely.  And I am very satisfied with my purchase.

They are comfy and look expensive, but with a Target price. I bought the black pair, too.

Have a happy shopping time at Target, everyone!


And this guy!! The cutest bag charm is from BoutiqueSecondLifeGB on Etsy. Looks even cuter with my Louis Vuitton keychain!

I was just browsing the site and met this guy. I love other charms the seller has — everything is so cute and with irresistible prices. Also, this is so very well made, A plus!!

I appreciate all the talented people who generate this lovable art, thank you!! Loving Etsy more!

I want to put the teddy charm on this bag! (Click the bag for more information!)


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Ulta haul and good deal!


I’ve never gone to the store “ULTA”. I’ve been shopping online only…

I’d love to go to the store soon, there is a store on Upper Eastside in NY now! I would feel like a kid in the candy store… Aww~

Last time I made a haul, ULTA had a 20% off sale. So I went a little overboard, bought skincare stocks, Estee Lauder serums and above, all the goodies! 🙂

The Stila’s Kajal Eyeliners are the huge hit for me — both colors, Black and Espresso. I’d keep buying nonstop.

Click on the links for more information and shopping! 


And still, my newest makeup brushes from have been working so well. You can get them 25% off with my code below. If you are thinking about replacing brushes to refresh your morning ritual, this is a good chance! 


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