I carry a light jacket wherever I go to survive from powerful indoor AC. The denim jacket is wonderfully with me most days.  🙂



Vivid vegan Birkin type bag,,, It’s a lovely creative idea by https://theundergroundchic.com/




This shiny silver pleated skirt has been getting many comments; it’s a nice conversation piece!


shopping list ✅

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My well-loved MiuMiu sandals might need to be replaced… So I started to search for something new for Summer shoes and more!


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Multi color, multi purpose!   by ZARA



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Love Pineapple 🙂     by ZARA


My Summer cannot to start without having espadrilles… I will hurry to shop for them.

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We need Espadrilles in Summer, don’t we?


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 2.43.20 AM

Silver is also available…    by Avec Les Filles




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Awww, adidas! Way to go!      by Topshop


Beauty of details…

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Simply sharing photos of outfits that I was mesmerized by at the COMME des GARCONS exhibition at the Met Museum. I have no words for this art… ✨





This purse is designed exclusively for the exhibition:  black and gold detail, inside is gold, too. I’m very very happy with this! It might be on your shopping list.

Ootds by H&M


I’ve been receiving many compliments on this Kate Spade bag. I bought it a few years ago, but this style doesn’t go out of fashion and makes H&M’s overly ripped boyfriend jeans look classic…




Ruffle and printed ruffle, the meaning is my faves and faves! 🙂






I Love well detailed clothing so very very much.

All clothing are from H&M, Black & white bag and pink one from Kate Spade, black mini bag from Forever21