About Reiki

About Reiki

There is nothing special about Reiki as energy, it is a natural, pure and gentle high-dimensional energy that is in harmony with the entire universe and is what makes us alive. A tool for living in happiness based on “healing practice”


What is illness?

Physical and mental illness are signs from the body that convey the fact that “something that does not align with the universe,” “I am not living in this life,” “I have not played the role of this life,” and there is also a message “I can change myself.”


What is Reiki healing?

Resonating with the waves of the pure universe full of love and harmony, balancing the flow of energy encourages us to remember and restore the original natural and complete form (the presence of light).  (It acts on the mind, body, emotions, mental level, and energy body to balance it.)



Reiki Remote Healing

Reiki Remote Healing

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Remote healing, or called distance healing, can be just as effective as an in-person Reiki session.

To receive Reiki distance healing you don’t have to do anything particular, but it is best to lie down quietly while you remain as still as possible.  Relaxing in a comfortable position will help you be most receptive.

For people, pets, projects, place, past, and future events.

Reiki energy is the perfect gift for anyone that you love and care about. Remote healing is convenient for anyone, anywhere.



Reiki Treatment Disclaimer

Reiki does not cure the “illness” of the sick person.

It is the preparation and balancing of the body’s energy that supports healing.  Reiki is not a substitute for any medical treatment.  It can be considered to be a supplemental treatment that fosters the body’s natural healing properties.

You should always seek the advice and treatment of a qualified, licensed medical practitioner.  The information on this website does not constitute medical advice.  Reiki treatment may support healing and well-being but does not claim to cure any illness or condition.



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