What I express today: Lemon gingerbread gluten-free dairy-free

What I express today: lemon gingerbread gluten-free daily-free


What I express today is lemon gingerbread gluten-free dairy-free!

I’m a beginner at baking.

And having lots of mesmerizing moments with baking. It is fun!!

Since I am doing gluten-free and dairy-free, all my baking follows that guideline.

I love simple and quick steps.

What I do is…

1. Reseach the recipe for what I want to bake.

2. Change the ingredients to gluten-free flours and non-dairy milk.

3. To be even healthier, I use coconut sugar, honey or maple syrup as the sweetener.

That’s it.

So, it doesn’t require a recipe specifically for gluten- and dairy-free.

 I never thought that I would enjoy baking or that it can be easy.

It’s definitely a new way to express love and care for myself and loved one!

What is your “What I express today?”



Most recipes of lemon gingerbread use a lot of sugar to make a topping of lemon icing.

I try to use less sugar.

So I use this Fever-Tree Tonic Water (premium Indian) instead.

It is naturally sweet, I believe…

Simply mix with lemon zest and lemon juice, and put the mixture on the cake.





This recipe I found and followed is HERE, enjoy your baking!


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