All time 5 favorite makeup products


Here are my all-time 5 favorite makeup products.

Makeup has been a serious obsession since I was a teenager.

When I chose to be a Makeup artist as a career, I went crazy to try many more products.

Therefore, I still have much more stuff than I really need.

Among those, I picked only the five favorites I most reach for and use nearly every day.

You can click the pictures for more product information.

From the top left,

Stila cream blushmy favorite color is lillium. It lasts long and is so easy to use with a finger or a brush. Maybe the easiest way is to use a beauty blender. I put it on lips and eyelids as well. Lovely color and super lightweight package. Great for on the go touch up.

Rodial contour powder _ It has an ashy tone. It was very hard to find this type of contour powder until this product was produced. It creates a beautiful shadow so perfect for a nose contour. And the base of eyebrows, too.

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo _ I use this only or use pencil after this. It stays long and the color defuses so well. Eyebrows are important. This is a trustworthy product in my experience.

Urban Decay 24/7 EyelinerThis one is my love. I can’t finish my makeup without it. Darkest black color perversion is my favorite. I’ve bought countless of perversion for the long term. It’s very black and so smooth, and the name 24/7 is real!

FlowFushi mote linerThis is a liquid eyeliner. My fave is brown. Because I use it on my under eyelids edge and define the finish for lines I made with Urban Decay Perversion eyeliner. It has an amazingly thin and precise pointy tip. Easy to use.



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