The luxury cosmetics Beauty Pie

The luxury cosmetics Beauty Pie


How come I did not know the luxury cosmetics Beauty Pie?

I’ve never heard of this company.

Even though I’ve watched Youtube beauty channels all the time.

I don’t know why.

Luckily, I got a piece of information about Beauty Pie from one beauty blogger on Youtube.

So, I researched this membership and became one immediately!

I wished that I could have known about this membership much earlier.

That is why I am sharing Beauty Pie here today.

I can say so many good things about it, but their website explains it better than me, obviously.

Here is the one, enjoy the great discovery! https://www.beautypie.com/us

I’m not sponsored or anything. I wish. Haha 🙂

I’m just happy sharing something a good deal or pretty, or I love on this blog.


The luxury cosmetics Beauty Pie

Click the products links and compare the prices!! 

Beauty Pie _ One Powder Wonder 

Make up for ever _ HD Michrofinishing pressed powder mini

Mac Cosmetics _ Prep+Prime Transparent finishing passed powder 

All three products are pretty similar. They work the same way.

I haven’t stopped using Beauty Pie powder since I got it. I cannot!

How I use them is ~ put it on highlight parts and fine lines. It makes it softly blurry.

Also, it blends the edge of the contour line and smudges eyeshadow easily.

I love the powder and the price of the luxury cosmetics Beauty Pie!


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