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RODIAL beauty haul

Rodial beauty haul. makeup, skincare and tools(blushes).

RODIAL beauty haul. Skincare, Makeup, and brushes!


In this blog, I’m introducing some lovely products from RODIAL beauty haul.

Firstly, I picked skincare from the famous Snake line. Secondly, I chose a trendy Instagram contour powder and Eye sculpt for makeup. And last but not least, my favorite makeup tools, brushes; Never too many!

I am pretty much satisfied with everything I bought. The brushes are lovely; powder and eye sculpt do well as I expected. But one thing about the eye cream; it has an unpleasant smell for my nose. However, I still like the effect on my eye area.

Recently I posted a blog about Japanese drug store makeup. It was also an excellent beauty haul. The blog is HERE.


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I was watching this Youtube video the other day. It was showing the RODIAL beauty service at a department store in the UK.

The makeup artist did quite a good job. I liked the looks she created with their products. Certainly, it was the incentive to have this beauty haul. Haha.

Here is the Youtube video I watched: you can watch how she use these products, also it was funny and cute!

This Youtube video is 40 minutes long. So I set to start from 12 minutes past where the RODIAL beauty tutorial begins.

I would love to try more skin care and makeup from Rodial. Definitely bronzer and the Suede lip color named “Big Apple” she used in the video.


Also, I had read the book “Overnight success” by founder and CEO of RODIAL, Maria Hatzistefanis. It’s nice to read it if someone is trying to be a “Girl boss”!




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