Similar to an expensive brand style

Saint Laurent    $2,290.00


I am always looking for similar to an expensive brand style.

When I saw this Saint Laurent black dress on the site, after that I immediately searched on the H&M website, because of the dress shape, texture, print, design, and details are very familiar to me from one I had before from H&M.

In addition, I searched on & Other Stories website, because they are the sister company. So I guessed the design could be similar.

I found a similar style of dress in stores many times when I stopped by. Maybe that style is my favorite kind; therefore, it catches my eyes quickly and often. Is it the Law of Attraction? 😀

There are many cheap alternatives on the market to create a similar style to an expensive brand. I posted another blog for good alternatives to high fashion; it’s here.

Here are some similar dresses to YSL high style below. In conclusion, you need to accessorize with a bag and shoes and then you are ready to go!


Plus the red cross body bag


And the boots





Let’s start to create a similar to an expensive brand style.


Similar shape and details to YSL dress.

H&M    $34.99


Similar to an expensive brand style

This one can look expensive with accessories!

H&M    $49.99


& Other Stories   $69.00


H&M   $39.99




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