Powder Brush comparison


Many makeup brushes are on the market, whether high-end or high-street ones.

          I own the Sonia Kashuk powder brush; then I saw the one from Ilia on my Email.

At first, I thought it’s the same one. Moreover, I guessed, they might just put the name on the handle. Then I took a look to compare both brushes.

Well, they are not the same, but pretty much similar. So we have a choice of how much we want to spend!

It’s okay, having options is always a good thing.  🙂


ILIA Finishing Powder Brush


The website says…

What it is: A powder brush designed with an angled dome shape to help push the powder into the skin instead of just sitting on the surface. Cruelty-free material.

Sonia Kashuk™ Essential Point Blush Brush Gold


I say… What it is: The same as the above. 🙂

This brush is so so so soft and touching your face feels heavenly. I can highly recommend it!

Amazingly for $12.00 it does an excellent job and also looks expensive.



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