Mascara combo


They are my all time favorite volume combo – Maybelline Bigshot mascara first, and L’oreal Lash Paradise on second. Both are waterproof and black. They create intense lashes!

I am trying my lashes thicker and longer as much as I can every single day, no vacation for that! My lashes are originally very invisible, so thin and look nothing… That’s why mascara is seriously my best friend.

And one mascara is not enough so I use two different mascara always. Occasionally I change the combo and find out “Wow~” happy discovery!

If you don’t have naturally curled upward eyelashes, you can use an eyelash curler and apply waterproof mascara.  Regular mascara makes your eyelashes go back to straight because it is water-based.



This combo makes more defined lashes! _  Use a Georgio Armani Eyes to kill mascara first, and L’oreal Lash Paradise on second. Both are black and waterproof.



This combo is my newest discovery. Eyes to kill mascara makes eyelashes separate beautifully and then apply the Maybelline Falsies Mascara (brownish black).  They give you the length and natural look. I am loving this sophisticated combo!


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