Hair Maintenance


GHD Straight Iron 1 inch and Bio Ionic Curling Iron


I’ve been using BIO IONIC and GHD tools for quite a long time. They are very reliable as many reviews say so.

There are so many competing products nowadays, I’d like to try them in the future. But I am still satisfied with the GHD and BIO IONIC tools I have. They work hard and last long — good stuff!

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GHD Hair Dryer and Mason Pearson Hairbrush


This wide one does a super quick job for massive long hair. It’s my must-have!

GHD Straight Iron 2 inch

Heat Resistant Styling Station Mat is also necessary. It keeps surfaces safe for these high-heat tools. When you travel, please don’t forget to bring this mat with your irons! I had a tough time without the mat on vacation, haha…



All the tools are required to have this result for my massive mane!

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