Coffee errand


It has been so cold in NYC. I try not going out, but my coffee time led me to prepare to be in the teen temperature … Everyone, you really need a chunky thick sweater and a good longline coat. Also, ear muffs which rescue me from windchill tremendously!

I wore the pretty thin, fluffy maxi dress underneath of my sweater. Of course, I had thick leggings to keep my legs warm. This looks very presentable to the public!

And put some color on your cheeks along with your favorite lipstick or lip balm, even though the Starbucks is just a half block away from you. Well, it’s a kind of the city lifestyle… 😀


Click the cosmetics photos for more information

MAC Matte Lipstick MEHR (BOXED) by Voronajj



I wore these in the video


Pretty maxi dress    by H&M


Love this flower print so much!


Chunky knit…   by ZARA


Perfect size cross body bag for coffee errand too! 🙂


Click these leggings and ear muff photos for more information



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