Errand chic


I needed to go out for some errands and it was just a short walking distance from home, so I wore an outfit that was easy to put together.  I put on a structured coat over my faux fur top and faux leather skirt. I just added skinny jeans — easy but still looks refined ~~ that is my motto…

Hats are a very helpful supplement when I am really in a hurry, otherwise I make a quick hairdo like this. An unfinished look is in fashion and looks a little French. Oui?


My must-have item for makeup is mascara. Eyes need a supplement to make them open more and look Ooh la la. I put makeup on and finish with my favorite mascaras, even just going to the store two blocks away from home to do some errands and get a cup of coffee. I do love cosmetics and enjoy putting on makeup to create better looks.  My makeup application time is like my meditation state. 🙂

They are current my faves from the top:

  • So intense mascara    by Sisley
  • Better than sex mascara    by Too Faced
  • The super sizer    by Covergirl
  • Telescopic carbon black    by Loreal
  • Eyes to kill   by Giorgio Armani

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